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The following spoilers likely relate to episodes 21, 22, and 23:

Jun Pyo, Jan Di, Jae Gyeong, Ji Hu

Chairwoman Kang and Jae Gyeong are busy preparing for the wedding.

Jae Gyeong shows the magazine photo of Jan Di and Ji Hu dressed up as bride and groom to Jun Pyo, who reacts angrily.

After much consideration, Jun Pyo finally admits to Jae Gyeong that he’s in love with Jan Di. He asks her to help him not to lose love (Jan Di) or friendship (likely referring to Jae Gyeong). Jae Gyeong agrees after telling him that he was her first love; she doesn’t want him to lose anything either.

Ji Hu and Jan Di fly to Jeju-do to visit her parents, using the plane tickets they won from the wedding photo contest.

Jae Gyeong suggests to Woo Bin and Yi Jeong that they kidnap Jan Di in order to hook her up with Jun Pyo.

On the eve of the wedding, Jae Gyeong announces that she does not love Jun Pyo and will not marry him. She says that since this was her decision to break up, the business deal between their families’ businesses can still continue.

After finding out the plan to kidnap Jan Di, Ji Hu also has to choose between love and friendship. In the end, he decides to let her go and repeats to himself, “Jan Di loves Jun Pyo. Jan Di loves Jun Pyo”.
Jan Di is about to board the boat with the food she has prepared for her family. Suddenly, she is kidnapped by strangers and dragged to a deserted island where Jun Pyo awaits. They spend a dream-like day together, and at the end, they reassure each other of their love.

The next day, their friends send out a boat to bring them to Jan Di’s parents. However, they get stuck in a storm and while rescuing Jan Di, Jun Pyo falls into the water.

The boat accident causes Jun Pyo to lose all memories of Jan Di, and he fails to recognize her. Jan Di is extremely sad and disappointed about his memory loss. However, she announces that she will bring back his memory and studies really hard [about memory loss] in order to do so. This leads to her acceptance into medical school.
因為遇陷,俊表失去有關絲草的記憶,對於他不認識自己,絲草極度悲傷和失望。她同時表示她會盡最大努力幫助俊表恢復記憶。絲草最終去了醫學院? (這段不懂)


Yi Jeong realizes that Ga Eul, not Eun Jae, is the one who has constantly been by his side during his recent phase of self-destruction.

Ga Eul makes up her mind to leave Yi Jeong alone, feeling that she is making things more difficult for him.

However, Yi Jeong pulls Ga Eul into a hug and says with tears, "Everyone who I like leaves me…..that's why I can't hold onto you".

Ga Eul responds, "I still like you….but you have Eun Jae". She turns around to leave; however, Yi Jeong stops Ga Eul and kisses her. "I think I know now… why something drew me to you…. I think I know," he says. "Trust me."
佳乙“我任然喜歡你,但你已經有恩在。”易正拉住佳乙並吻了她“我想我現在知道了,為何我會不自覺對你感興趣,我想我知道了,相信我。”。 。 。 。 。 。



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